friday favorites

The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe it’s already Friday evening. Where does the time go? 

This week was VERY busy with meetings, fitness classes (almost the same as my meetings these days due to StudioHop), work, work and more work. I don’t see this craziness coming to an end anytime soon, so I might as well embrace it and RELAX on the weekends. 

Because StudioHop is my second full time job now, I spend a good chunk of time each week trying out new studios. As a result, I’m working out a lot more than I am used to and my body is kind of hating me right now due to all the different new-to-me types of classes I crammed into this week alone. My fitness schedule went a little something like this (p.s. this could be YOU too!):

Monday: bootcamp 

Tuesday: barre/cardio

Wednesday: spin

Thursday: barre

Friday: barre


Now onto a few “Friday Favorites”. I’m jumping on that bandwagon today…enjoy!


[homemade M&M cookies. need to make another batch this weekend!]

IMG_6649[Toxin Flush from Nektar. The last warm day in Dallas!]

IMG_6620[a little celery harvested from our Tower Garden–thankful I did this before everything else froze!]

IMG_6665[chicken orzo soup + Greek salad at Zoe’s. Give me all the soup. Too. Cold. Outside.]

IMG_6647[Evolution Fresh posted my Insta photo of Ryan’s “Ruby Mule”!]

IMG_6674[loving all the fun workouts I’m getting to try. not loving the cold weather]

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Meet StudioHop


Ok, meet my new baby: StudioHop. It’s what’s been taking up all my time, my thoughts and my excitement for the past few months. I have thrown myself into the tech startup world, rolled up my sleeves and couldn’t be more excited (and exhausted). StudioHop will be launching in Dallas VERY soon with an app on the way–come January you + StudioHop will be new best friends. So what is StudioHop?

StudioHop is a monthly membership to a wide variety of fitness studios in your city. Instead of committing to one type of fitness studio and paying a steep monthly cost, StudioHop members enjoy the freedom to decide when and where they workout under one low membership fee. Members have access to top-notch fitness studios and the ability to incorporate a well-rounded workout schedule into their healthy lifestyle. Whether members are at their desk at work or in the car on-the-go, all fitness classes can easily be scheduled directly from the StudioHop website and mobile app.

Because group fitness is social, StudioHop members will be able to share their fitness schedules with friends, invite friends to join them at a new studio and vice versa. We strive to empower people to try new workouts, perhaps replace a happy hour with an evening on the yoga mat and incorporate StudioHop into their lives as a healthy, social and fun way to enjoy group fitness.

Our focus is on our members. We want to provide the best possible options for YOU. Think of us as your fitness concierge. Your multi-studio membership. We want to make fitness fun, affordable and accessible. So, what are you waiting for? #HopToIt! Our memberships will be available for purchase ASAP. Until then, please check us out here and be sure to enter your email so we can let you know the second we launch (don’t worry, we won’t spam you)! We’re excited to join you on your brand new custom tailored fitness journey. Committing to one gym is a thing of the past.

Have a favorite fitness studio in Dallas, Austin or Houston? Comment with your favorite or simply email us at studiohopfitness[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks for your support!


anybody out there?

Hi friends!

I SO miss blogging and can’t believe how long it has been…I haven’t gone this long without blogging in YEARS. So first off–I know most bloggers apologize for their absence, but I think that’s unnecessary. Life happens, and in my case, it’s been a positive thing that I haven’t had the time to blog. 

Without diving into what I’ve been up to lately (I want a full blog post introducing my new project), let’s just say I have two full time jobs right now. I am not complaining, but I do  miss sharing bits and pieces of what’s going on with me!

To get you up to speed as best as I can, I’ll just throw out some photos from the last few weeks beginning with a business trip to Austin followed by this past weekend in Vegas (a.k.a. foodie paradise).


[delicious salad at Leaf with the sister]


[visiting my client, Fara Coffee to learn about the roasting process. Smelled amazing.]


[my cocktail of choice: Moscow Mule. Enjoyed at Andrea’s at The Encore, Las Vegas]


[View from the top. From our room at The Cosmopolitan to be exact!]


[a little dessert and wine at the Centurion lounge at Vegas airport]


[mouthwatering chocolate fountain display at Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio]

IMG_6524[flavorful sangria at Jaleo– a Jose Andres concept at the Cosmopolitan]

I hope you all are doing well! Looking forward to introducing my exciting (and of course time consuming) project to you all! Goodnight!

Snap Kitchen + Insta giveaway

Wow do I miss blogging. My days used to go a little something like this: wake up, tend to dog, yoga, work through the morning + eat lunch, work from home some more, doggie stuff and then stop around 6-7pm with the occasional meetings each week. Now it’s this: meeting meeting meeting, work, work, meeting, yoga, meeting. (I do still take care of my dog) There is a reason for this and I really can’t wait to announce my new business in the works! Until then, let’s talk about Snap Kitchen. {disclaimer: these items for paid for by Snap}


Snap Kitchen is a healthy “grab and go” concept originating in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas with a focus on organic, local ingredients catering to those with food allergies, special diets and everyone else in between. Everything is really pretty and packaged up (although made fresh that day) with color coded (BPA free) containers for sizes (small, medium large) and organized by breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I love that you get to see exactly what goes into the meal and the nutrition facts. The menu rotates every season, so I was lucky to be invited to taste some of their newest fall dishes.

Pictured above is their ginger chicken stir fry with quinoa and it was my absolute favorite. So good, but I’m going for the bigger size next time :) On the side is their super greens cold pressed juice. You really have to enjoy green juice to drink this one–just a warning! It’s hardcore.

They have tons of great options for all meals of the day and it’s super convenient to know you have a wholesome, fresh meal cooked up in your fridge with fool-proof instructions on how long to heat it up. My second favorite was the Panchito’s Burrito for breakfast– egg whites + potatoes + ground turkey + black beans + avo + cheddar + gfree wrap. SO good. 


The Snap Kitchen team was SO kind and I truly enjoyed getting to talk to them about nutrition and the fact that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring– in fact, it’s usually a lot tastier! In addition to the meals they sent me home with, I also got to take home some of their pantry items–like the Caveman Quickies! It’s their nut and seed mix with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. I’m trying to get used to the flavor…it’s different for sure! 



I decided I needed to share the wealth…so head to my Instagram page + simply “like” this photo to win the snacks above (including a cold pressed juice!) If you’re in Dallas, they have an Uptown location, Snider Plaza, Preston Royal Village and soon to be Fitzhugh/75 (oh, hey new convenient location!!) and Addison. I highly recommend Snap Kitchen for a convenient, healthy on-the-go option.