Friday Faves {travel edition}


It’s a Friday afternoon and it’s about to be a long weekend–is there a better feeling? Nope! I am so (exhausted) and ready to relax and recharge this weekend! Before then, I’m throwing it back to last week in Santa Monica. We joined our whole Dad’s side of the family in Southern California for a weekend to celebrate my cousin Philip’s wedding to his wife Sabrina. The reception was held in Malibu and was just breathtakingly gorgeous. 

Less than 12 hours after we landed back in Dallas on Sunday night, I hit the road to head south to Austin for 3 days jam packed with workouts and meetings (and most of the time those two things are synonymous). 5 workouts in 3 days. I’m. so. sore. Bring on this weekend!! 

I wasn’t the best at photographing my food throughout the weekend in Santa Monica/Malibu, but I did capture some of my favorite things (there’s a lot, so prepare yourself). Here we go:IMG_8998

{starting the weekend off right at Sky Canyon by Stephan Pyles}


{view from the top. of the Huntley Hotel. Santa Monica}


{couldn’t resist. also, LOVE Sweetgreen}


{the incredible views from Philip & Sabrina’s wedding}


{perfect weather for a glass of rose at The Bungalow. people watching=prime}


{these mimosas hit the spot on Sunday at The PentHouse. open air lounge on the 15th floor. yes.}


{a few of my favorite details in the lobby at The Huntley}


{DryBar, you make me happy}


{killer workout at the most fun spot to spin}

Wishing you all an amazing weekend!

Friday Faves

It’s Friday!!! Time to celebrate!

It’s been one of those weeks…where at the end of the workday around 6-7pm, all I want to do is crawl under my covers and crash. But today I’m armed with a giant green smoothie and a cup(s) of coffee because we’re headed out to my best friend’s ranch for a weekend to celebrate lots of birthdays! Can’t wait to have a fun getaway weekend with friends. But first tackle this pile of work in front of me :)

Before we get too excited, let me share a few of my latest favorite things…or 7 of them. 


{workouts al fresco—fun City Surf class at Sandbar Cantina}


{these protein pancakes. oats+banana+egg+baking soda+coco milk+cinnamon. Cooked in coco oil. YUM.}


{Velvet Taco. Once you get over the name, the tacos are top notch. Try the flank steak+tzatziki+dill}


{my favorite protein powder now comes in single serving packets! holler if you need some!}


{how am I just discovering these things? holy moly wow. #annabellewoof=not impressed}


{Roots Juices–delicious tasting green juice, perfect for that day when I didn’t have time to stop for lunch}


{morning routine. good for the mind, body + soul}

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Let’s make it a great day!


Life lately

You guys…my eyes are closing as I’m typing this and it’s 6:50pm. It’s been one of those Mondays. Started the morning bright and early on a bike at Beyond Pedaling at 6:45am after a night of not-enough-sleep and a day jam packed with work (and overseeing Operation Wood Flooring Installation on our 3rd floor). I’m nowhere near being done with my work today, but I miss blogging, so here I am. 

Let me just say I realize every post has been sporadic and I say how much I miss blogging and how I’m going to try to blog on a more regular basis once again. I’ve figured out the way that I work: structure + organization. I’m tired of going weeks without blogging and then just throwing up a bunch of photos I feel like sharing with you. Starts to feel a little aimless and I want YOU to get excited and know what’s coming. So I’ve come up with some fun “themes” if you will–so a few things I’ll be blogging about and you can look forward to:

  • Meal Plans + Fitness Plans
  • Product Reviews
  • Recipes
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • What I Ate Wednesday (<– time to bring those back!)
  • Friday Faves
  • Weekend Recaps
  • Foodie Girl Findings (a look into my pantry, new favorite products, thoughts about non-food related topics, links, etc.)

Bam. Now hold me accountable :) 

So now let’s jump to the current week’s meal plan and fitness plan. I usually cook 3-4 meals per week–sometimes less. I try to cook enough food each time so that I have lunch the next day. Helps keep me on track and eating healthy throughout the day. I’ve been following the Transform 30 program (started April 1st) during the week, but allowing myself to indulge a bit on the weekends. Basically it’s a Juice Plus shake in the morning (2 handfuls spinach + frozen fruit + scoop Juice Plus Complete protein powder) and then clean meals after that–mostly vegetables, with a little bit of animal protein. No sugar. No wheat. No alcohol. No refined sugar. I’m ignoring the “cut out caffeine” and allowing myself to have the “no-no’s” on the weekend. I say do whatever works for you! 

Here’s this week’s meal plan:

Monday: simple green salad + 2 egg breakfast taco (gluten free tortilla + 2 eggs + salsa)

Tuesday: zoodles bolognese + salad (zucchini noodles + grass fed beef homemade pasta sauce)

Wednesday: stir fried shrimp + sugar snap peas + soba noodles

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: out

And the fitness plan:

Monday: spin class

Tuesday: run

Wednesday: vinyasa yoga

Thursday: barre class

Friday: turbo kick

Saturday: City Surf

Sunday: rest

…and now I’m going to catch you all up on some of the highlights in the past week or so. Bear with me :) 

IMG_8625{the switch to lighter, but HUGE salads for dinner}IMG_8676{A really fun StudioHop+GritFitness+LornaJane event at Northpark Center}IMG_8729{dinner at HG Sply with some of my BFFS–we were so original and all ordered the kale salad}IMG_8498{my obsession with BIG fresh Texas grapefruit is getting out of hand}IMG_8694{one of my favorite things–homemade brunch}IMG_8479{deliciously fresh dinner al fresco with the husband + bottle of Markham merlot}IMG_8639{soy ginger sriracha glazed salmon with veggies + quinoa}IMG_8735{spontaneous visit by the sister. made Monday way better!}IMG_8722{mid-Katy Trail walk with a friend: margs @ Company Cafe. Perfect Saturday afternoon}

Hope everyone has a great week! What are YOU doing to sweat this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Park City, Utah

Hi friends!

Wow, it’s been quite the hiatus! We’ve been traveling to Austin for the weekends and my husband and I recently took a wonderful 4 day vacation to Park City, Utah for a ski getaway. I had skied <–(is that spelled right?) in Deer Valley as a kid, so it had been quite a while since I had been there. This was the first time I got to explore the city, and my husband’s first time, which made for a really fun trip. I hadn’t skied in probably 7 or 8 years, and R hadn’t ever skied before, just snowboarded once as a kid. Oddly enough, there was no snow on the ground. Only on the slopes. Even then it was pretty icy/slushy, so it didn’t make for the best skiing experience, but we managed to have a great time.


I’ll just touch on some of the highlights–including some of our favorite dishes. We love dining at one spot for dinner and drinks then hopping to a new spot for dessert (and more drinks).

1. Fletchers– right on Main Street, this new hot spot has a fun, party vibe and an incredibly delicious menu.

IMG_8265Loved the cocktail lounge! It had an upscale chill vibe and that cute pup in the painting and on the upholstered chair was a theme throughout the restaurant.

IMG_8269We got a fun table next to the window overlooking Main Street. This was one of my favorite cocktails EVER. A delicious spin on a Moscow Mule–using Grey Goose Melon. SO. good.


These short rib grilled cheese bites were as dreamy as they look.


But these guys stole the show! Cauliflower fritters with a smoked paprika yogurt topping and pomegranate seeds. I’ve got to find a way to replicate these!

Our entree didn’t even get a photo. Oops! We shared the beef wellington since R had never tried one before. The small plates definitely won in the flavor competition.

2. High West Distillery–a whiskey distillery and saloon located right off Main Street. Laid back, fun and tasty.

IMG_8317We became regulars in just one weekend. It was definitely the hoppin’ spot for weekend evenings.


This came after our dinner at Fletcher’s. Doesn’t look like much, but ohhhh baby. Rhubarb, apple and wild berries cobbler with a biscuit topping and whiskey laced vanilla ice cream. Mmmm. Ryan loved their whiskey flight as a way to taste several different kinds, and I opted for their “Dead Man’s Boots” which was a margarita-Moscow Mule hybrid, aka the best.


Another evening spent at High West out by the fire with a hot apple cider spiked with High West whiskey. This is probably the only way I’ll enjoy whiskey.

3. The Edge– an upscale steakhouse near Canyons at the Westgate Resort & Spa.


We always like to do at least one night at a nicer place to get the full dining experience. The Edge had some beautiful presentation (hello, giant popovers!) and my scallops were delicious. It was one of those, ohh my gosh I am so full and that  meal was overly decadent-type meals. Only bad thing was R said his king crab wasn’t the freshest. 

4. J& G Grill at St. Regis Deer Valley– gorgeous setting + you get to take a funicular up to the restaurant!


Brunch was pretty standard (but $$ given the location)–we had mimosas, I had a cheeseburger, R had a pasta dish and dessert was the most memorable: salted caramel ice cream with crunchy caramel popcorn and fudge on the bottom.



We had such a fun time eating, drinking and skiing our way through Park City just the two of us. I highly recommend it–hopefully you’ll get better snow than we did!

IMG_8354After a late night flight back home to DFW, our fridge was a bit empty on Monday morning. Frozen bananas, chocolate JP+ Complete to the rescue! It was the start of a “detox” week after a food + alcohol overload. Well worth every bite :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Who has a vacation planned soon?