Snap Kitchen + Insta giveaway

Wow do I miss blogging. My days used to go a little something like this: wake up, tend to dog, yoga, work through the morning + eat lunch, work from home some more, doggie stuff and then stop around 6-7pm with the occasional meetings each week. Now it’s this: meeting meeting meeting, work, work, meeting, yoga, meeting. (I do still take care of my dog) There is a reason for this and I really can’t wait to announce my new business in the works! Until then, let’s talk about Snap Kitchen. {disclaimer: these items for paid for by Snap}


Snap Kitchen is a healthy “grab and go” concept originating in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas with a focus on organic, local ingredients catering to those with food allergies, special diets and everyone else in between. Everything is really pretty and packaged up (although made fresh that day) with color coded (BPA free) containers for sizes (small, medium large) and organized by breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I love that you get to see exactly what goes into the meal and the nutrition facts. The menu rotates every season, so I was lucky to be invited to taste some of their newest fall dishes.

Pictured above is their ginger chicken stir fry with quinoa and it was my absolute favorite. So good, but I’m going for the bigger size next time :) On the side is their super greens cold pressed juice. You really have to enjoy green juice to drink this one–just a warning! It’s hardcore.

They have tons of great options for all meals of the day and it’s super convenient to know you have a wholesome, fresh meal cooked up in your fridge with fool-proof instructions on how long to heat it up. My second favorite was the Panchito’s Burrito for breakfast– egg whites + potatoes + ground turkey + black beans + avo + cheddar + gfree wrap. SO good. 


The Snap Kitchen team was SO kind and I truly enjoyed getting to talk to them about nutrition and the fact that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring– in fact, it’s usually a lot tastier! In addition to the meals they sent me home with, I also got to take home some of their pantry items–like the Caveman Quickies! It’s their nut and seed mix with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. I’m trying to get used to the flavor…it’s different for sure! 



I decided I needed to share the wealth…so head to my Instagram page + simply “like” this photo to win the snacks above (including a cold pressed juice!) If you’re in Dallas, they have an Uptown location, Snider Plaza, Preston Royal Village and soon to be Fitzhugh/75 (oh, hey new convenient location!!) and Addison. I highly recommend Snap Kitchen for a convenient, healthy on-the-go option.

Mercat Bistro

Oh my gosh, my day was made infinitely better when my husband took me to the cutest little French bistro tucked away in the Harwood District in Dallas. Impeccable service (they brought my husband an iced tea right as we sat down—he’s become a regular), chic atmosphere, beautiful china tableware and simply tasty fare. Again, it’s basically made for Instagram.

Mercat Bistro has stolen my heart–and makes me want to get to Paris sooner rather than later. I started off with a green tea which came out in a beautiful china teapot. What a pleasant surprise!! It’s the simple things, guys. I also ordered a cup of french onion soup which was a nice cheese-to-bread-to-onion ratio and opted for the farro and kale salad. I wasn’t too hungry, but next time I’d order the salad with salmon. It was a perfect refreshing and healthy meal. My husband ordered the chicken paillard, which I failed to photograph, but he enjoyed the simple, satisfying dish. I can’t wait to come back to try a quiche or for brunch to get my hands on that banana french toast. The French know what’s up!







DIY Print Painting

Wow, well it’s Saturday and I’m finally getting around to saying hello. It was a crazy busy week but in the best possible way. Things have been picking up in my “business life” and so this weekend is made for relaxing and just hanging out. Last weekend was similar. The only activity besides watching Scandal last Saturday evening was a DIY “painting”. 


IMG_6005I spotted a cute print on Pinterest and loved the saying, but didn’t want to spend the $30. So I decided I could just do it myself….I gathered up the tools (pink acrylic paint + white paint + plenty of sizes of paintbrushes + thick, durable paper + pencil) and referred to the print I had called up on my phone. All of the supplies can be found at Michael’s.


I had so much fun painting and focusing all my attention and effort on ONE activity. You don’t get that luxury very often these days!


I also baked these guys while I went to town on my painting, but I think I over-baked them. They were a bit crunchy, but they had chocolate, so naturally I ate them.


The masterpiece  :) 


And here it is right over our little bar station! It was a lot of fun to make, and adds some character to the room. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Anyone else have fun, easy DIY projects for around the house? Searching for a new one! :)


Walton’s Fancy & Staple

So this week is going by quickly and I’m kind of digging it. Being my own boss, client meetings and coffee catch-ups are on me. Otherwise, I’m plugging away at my desk in my house–and I’ve come to realize human interaction is what fuels me. So I scheduled 4 coffee dates this week, a happy hour and a workout with a friend. Made sense at the time.


{the photo above is from found. the rest are mine} 

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and tell you guys about Waltons Fancy & Staple in Austin, Texas. My husband and I were in Austin for the weekend for a family reunion (his side) and we snuck away for a little lunch date just the two of us. I did some Yelp-ing to find a fun spot (because let’s get real, I’ve got a long restaurant wish list over there) and stumbled upon Walton’s! The cutest little old school country store-type feel in a space that used to be a flower shop but now offers baked goods, breakfast lunch and some delicious coffee options. They even sell flowers and pretty little succulents. So basically it’s a blogger’s paradise, right!?


Let’s just say Yelp did not lead us astray on our lunch choice. We both ordered the turkey sweet. Ohhh myyyy yum. It’s got Thanksgiving turkey as opposed to deli turkey (it’s a thing, I promise), bacon, caramelized onion with apple and white cheddar on a croissant. It was so so good. If you enjoy salty and sweet, this is your jam. It’s pretty big though, so in hindsight, we would’ve shared it. 


It was a weirdly cold and rainy September Saturday afternoon so we both ordered tea and enjoyed macarons for dessert. 


We’ve been on a bit of a macaron rampage lately and I don’t see an end to it in the near future. We opted for the pistachio and the salted caramel. They weren’t up to our standards–a little on the dry side (#macarondiva). Our favorites in Dallas are Bisou Bisou Patisserie. They open in West Village in a few months but sell their macarons at various farmers markets around DFW.

Get yourself to Walton’s if you’ve never been. Especially if you live in Austin (little sis: I’m looking at you). The breakfast menu looks delightful and I’d definitely want to try more baked goods and a wonderful latte too. Have a great evening!