2014 in review

Happy New Year everyone! As soon as the clock struck midnight, my first thought was– 2015!? Has it really been 15 years since the “new millennium”?  That just blows my mind.

This year we had the pleasure of hosting some of our closest friends at our home for New Year’s Eve. I think it was one of my favorite NYE yet. (full post to come on that!)

Entering a new year is extremely refreshing. I just love the sense of renewal and a fresh start. The feeling is invigorating and re-focusing. Until we look forward, I wanted to look back on 2014 to reflect and celebrate an awesome year. For a throwback on 2013, click here. (p.s. my 2014 New Year’s resolution happened for about 5 months. Trying a new recipe and blogging about it every single week took a backseat. It was a lofty goal, but I had fun while it lasted!)

Here are some of the highlights of 2014:

  • introduced a sweet (firecracker) puppy to our family: Annabelle
  • renovated our master bathroom
  • grew New Digital Strategies + celebrated over 2 years of business
  • initiated year 2 of our awesome “newlywed” Sunday school at HPUMC (love these people)
  • re-designed That Foodie Girl
  • hosted my grandparents at our town home in Dallas for a fun weekend together
  • didn’t run a SINGLE race (Katy Trail 5k was cancelled)
  • traveled to Akumal with my best friends for an “adult spring break”
  • hiked in LA, San Diego and British Columbia
  • learned how to make french macarons
  • joined a social club for young professional women called Circle Seven Five (and gained some awesome friends!)
  • celebrated my 25th birthday in Austin with lots of friends + family, celebrated R’s 25th birthday in La Jolla!
  • celebrated a year of marriage in Napa + Sonoma. Visited 10 wineries!
  • went to Vegas for Halloween/to celebrate a good friend’s birthday
  • spent a weekend at Selah ranch with my mom for a weekend of Women in Leadership
  • began working on my business #2–a tech startup called StudioHop
  • was featured in CultureMap for new biz StudioHop
  • visited the Wolfe family in Kelowna, BC
  • traveled to Mexico (twice), Canada, LA, Napa/Sonoma, SF, Boston, La Jolla, Las Vegas

I hope you all had a fulfilling, sweet 2014. Here’s to a NEW year filled with family, friends, love, health and prosperity. My goal for 2015 is to spend more time serving others and to remember to pause to celebrate deserving moments and achievements rather than being so hard on myself and planning for the next thing. Be present. Thank you so much for being a TFG reader. I appreciate each and every one of you.








Tis the season

Happy 2 days after Christmas everyone!

Does anyone else feel like we’re in limbo during the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve? It’s always such a lazy time at our family’s home–lounging around in pajamas all day, playing with Christmas gifts, eating leftovers and indulging in a continuous stream of baked goods, chocolate and champagne. It’s sad that Christmas is over (I still feel kind of bummed the next day even after 25 Christmases) but reassuring that we have another fun holiday just around the corner– 6 days to be exact! 

We will be hosting some of our close friends for a festive evening at our home, so you can bet I’ve been searching Pinterest high and low for fun, sparkly decor ideas! {you can expect photos in the near future!}

Anyway, our week in Austin with my family went by SO fast. We had some great time to relax, read, watch movies, eat, drink, eat some more and sneak a few workouts in too. We’ll just let the photos do the talking.


{we didn’t move too much from this room}


{the coziest room of the house. there’s something magical about a Christmas tree}


{late morning jog around Town Lake. 70 degrees on a December morning. Not too shabby}


{refueling with a fresh pressed juice from WF. lady went overboard on the beet juice. yikes}


{incredible Austin, Texas sunsets}


{coming home to a bottle of quinoa vodka. yep, you’re seeing that correctly! #trendydad}


{bright & sunny Christmas morning. No better feeling}


{a few of my favorite gifts: my first pair of cycling shoes + cleats + Lululemon shorts}


{breaking out the Veuve Clicquot on Christmas & a viewing of The Interview}

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year filled with love, family and friends. Cheers to another successful Christmas and cheers to a fruitful 2014!

Grange Hall Lunch

Hi! Ohmygosh I miss blogging. This is by far the longest I’ve ever gone without paying attention to my poor blog, and I have to say I MISS IT. I miss YOU guys! I miss READING blogs. 

Anyway, a lot has happened in the past month. My new business, StudioHop is coming along and we’re set to launch next month! I hope to bring you more updates on that, but that’s not what we’re here for now is it?

Ok, food time.


My husband and I headed to Grange Hall one Saturday afternoon for a fancy schmancy lunch date. Grange Hall used to be an upscale boutique/florist, but recently expanded and added a lovely dining room. Everything was lovely from the marble and gold dipped tableware to the outstanding tea, food and decor.


I enjoyed their chicken salad–perfectly refreshing with just the right amount of chicken, fresh herbs, crunchy raw vegetables and Marcona almonds. It was delicious, but not worth the insane price tag for a simple salad. Maybe we were paying for the gorgeous marble plate it was sitting on. If so, it was well worth my Instagram photo, right? ;)


My husband opted for their fresh fish of the day–and because it was so long ago, I can’t remember what it was. I believe it was sea bass? Either way, it was flavorful and flaky. A+


The wine list was great, but since we had some things to do afterwards, we opted for tea. Their tea is incredible. Don’t skip it on a cold winter day!


Grange Hall is definitely a “see and be seen” type of venue–oh so Dallas. It’s a stunning spot to peruse pretty things and take bites here and there. I’d recommend it just for the experience, but be sure to come dressed nice. The service was wonderful and everything was great, but it’s hard to justify some food items (ahem, a salad.) for so much $$. 


And oh hey! I’m going to throw in a photo of my husband and me in Kelowna, British Columbia. We were in Canada last week and Mexico over Thanksgiving. It’s been a crazy time with travel and business(es) but we sure are feeling blessed this year.

NOW we’re in Austin. Home for the holidays and ready to relax, bake, wrap gifts, eat our weight in cookies and sweets, drink lots of wine and be merry :)

What do you guys have planned for the holidays? I need your updates!

friday favorites

The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe it’s already Friday evening. Where does the time go? 

This week was VERY busy with meetings, fitness classes (almost the same as my meetings these days due to StudioHop), work, work and more work. I don’t see this craziness coming to an end anytime soon, so I might as well embrace it and RELAX on the weekends. 

Because StudioHop is my second full time job now, I spend a good chunk of time each week trying out new studios. As a result, I’m working out a lot more than I am used to and my body is kind of hating me right now due to all the different new-to-me types of classes I crammed into this week alone. My fitness schedule went a little something like this (p.s. this could be YOU too!):

Monday: bootcamp 

Tuesday: barre/cardio

Wednesday: spin

Thursday: barre

Friday: barre


Now onto a few “Friday Favorites”. I’m jumping on that bandwagon today…enjoy!


[homemade M&M cookies. need to make another batch this weekend!]

IMG_6649[Toxin Flush from Nektar. The last warm day in Dallas!]

IMG_6620[a little celery harvested from our Tower Garden–thankful I did this before everything else froze!]

IMG_6665[chicken orzo soup + Greek salad at Zoe’s. Give me all the soup. Too. Cold. Outside.]

IMG_6647[Evolution Fresh posted my Insta photo of Ryan’s “Ruby Mule”!]

IMG_6674[loving all the fun workouts I’m getting to try. not loving the cold weather]

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!