La Jolla Highlights


I am buried in work this week–and I didn’t even truly take a break when we went to La Jolla last week. I continued working through the week–but at least I got to work on the beach and take lots of fun breaks. We traveled so much this summer (as you all know!), so I’m just happy to be back home for the foreseeable future and get back into my cooking routine!

This week I made this and it has lasted us throughout the week with a nice summer side salad. Next week I plan on getting back into my baking groove and picking it up in the meal planning department. All in due time! I’m back at it on the yoga mat, so there’s that! (hey yoga girl!) <– watch that, thank me later.

Oh, so La Jolla! It was a really fun 6 days of getting some work done paired with beach time, family time, awesome food, beach walks, a hike and celebrating my husband’s birthday! I’m adding a lot of new restaurants to my La Jolla list up there in the navigation bar under Where To Eat! Let’s allow the photos to do most of the talking, shall we?

photo 3 copy

[a beautiful high tide dinner at Marine Room to celebrate Ryan's birthday]

photo 1 copy

[one of our new favorites-- Etude's Pinot Noir pre-birthday dinner]

photo 4 copy

[my first taste of Cristal--thanks to Ryan's mom's sweet birthday gift + incredible black and white cake from here]

photo 4

[it's not La Jolla without ice cream on the beach…and it comes half melted.]

photo 5

[a delicious stone fruit prosciutto salad at Herringbone]

photo 3

[beach time in La Jolla is significantly more fun with him by my side]

photo 4 copy 2

[who doesn't love birthdays? showing off his champagne + Bose portable speakers]

photo 2 copy

[in love with this hacienda style home we stay in right across from LJBTC]

photo 1 copy 2

[brunch at Snooze-- my caprese benedict. hell. yes.]

photo 2 copy 2

[view from our hike up Torrey Pines State Reserve]

photo 1

[just a little sampling of the fresh fruit that wakes us up each morning in LJ. Thanks Nana!]

photo 2

[I believe this is what heaven looks like. A fun beach dinner with friends--rose is always a yes.]

photo 5 copy

[we made the most out of an overcast, wet sand day. margarita time!]

Hope you all have a great evening!

Back in the swing of things

Well, it’s a Saturday night and I’m loving every minute of relaxing on the couch and getting a little work done at the same time. We’ve been going and going and it’s such a nice sigh of relief that we don’t have plans this weekend. But..not so fast. I’ll be on a plane on Monday headed to La Jolla. Just soaking up the time we have together at home! (La Jolla will be wonderful too of course!)

After so many trips and birthday dinners, happy hours, meetings and work galore–I definitely went through a “what the heck should I cook” rut that quickly turned into going out to dinner every night because a week at home didn’t constitute enough time to make a grocery trip (which is ridiculous). So this week, I decided we needed to get back to our cooking and eating healthy at home, and I wanted to share a few snapshots of what that looked like at our house!

I tried this recipe but added chicken–mostly for my husband’s sake. It was really tasty and it lasted us a few days.

photo 2 copy

On Monday night I made turkey burgers and an old favorite–”Salad of The Gods”– spinach/romaine + feta + caramelized pecans + bell pepper + strawberries + dried cranberries + Cindy’s Balsamic. So good.

photo 4

The turkey burgers were really easy to make– I made up my own recipe and stuffed them with spinach and feta. I will make them again and photograph them—and share the recipe next time!

photo 3 copy

Almost every morning began with overnight oats. It’s my new obsession these days! I just pile on fruit and call it a day–prep work happens the night before. The best part is it’s so filling, I’m fine until lunch!

photo 5

After my one real workout this week…I had my usual green smoothie– spinach + banana + frozen pineapple + frozen mango + coconut milk + scoop Juice Plus vanilla Complete.

Hoping to recreate some of my favorite healthy breakfast staples in La Jolla– we have a kitchen to work with, so that makes things easier!

What do you usually do for a healthy breakfast when you’re traveling? Do you bring food with you?

Sushi Class


We’re finally back in the swing of going to the grocery store once and cooking dinner at home each night (day 3). But don’t expect that to last long…headed to La Jolla on Monday! Unfortunately I haven’t been feeling well this week (anyone else?) so I haven’t really wanted to cook. Ce la vie.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of a fun little break in the work day– a sushi making class at Bistro 31! I’ve been wanting to try making sushi at home, so this was perfect. We got to learn from the pros and made our own spicy tuna rolls. They made it all look so easy, but once I got my hands on the seaweed paper and rice, I quickly learned there’s an art to sushi making. The hardest part was cutting the roll, but it all tastes the same in the end, right? A little tip I would have never known about was to use a spoon to get the tuna to a “stirrable” consistency to make spicy tuna rolls. Who would’ve known!

We will be attempting to make sushi at home in the near future! Have you made it at home before? How did it turn out?






Boston Snapshots

Evening, friends!

We went to Boston this past weekend for my first time and absolutely loved the city. I feel I have a lot more exploring to do on the East Coast–it is so beautiful!

We went to celebrate my good friend’s wedding. Congrats to Daniel & Logan! It was fun celebrating a sweet couple at the place where they met: Boston University.

Ryan & I arrived on Thursday and got to spend all of Friday touring around with my parents and brother and also most of Saturday. We explored along the Freedom Trail, posted up at a few coffee shops, did a little shopping on Newbury, toured around Boston University, went to the Isabella Gardner Museum and ate lots of delicious food–including cannolis from Mike’s Pastry. The best. I loved all the gorgeous ivy covered buildings, huge churches and cathedrals and all the history the city had to offer. Boston: I will be back :)
DSC03883                                    [iced almond milk latte from Thinking Cup]

DSC03902                                                   [walking along the Freedom Trail]

DSC03880                                        [ivy covered building along Commonwealth Avenue]

DSC03897                                           [grilled mac n cheese at Cheeseboy]

DSC03925                                                 [cute little coffee shop called Neighborhood Coffee]

DSC03885                                                        [salted caramel macaron--like father like daughter]

DSC03918                                                      [rainy day in the park with 2 of my favorite guys]

Ok, I’m off to bed–what a Monday it has been! Have YOU ever been to Boston? What were your favorite spots?