Evolution Fresh

IMG_8008Ok, it’s no secret that I love to eat and drink my greens on a daily basis. There’s just something about GREEN that makes your body feel so good. Above is a little side salad of Trader Joe’s cruciferous crunch with a little balsamic. So delicious…how am I just now discovering it!?


Greens in all forms– salads, juices, smoothies, sauteed, whatever! 


I also just happen to love Evolution Fresh, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear from them that they wanted to partner up with That Foodie Girl! We’ve gotten together in honor of their #3daystogreen campaign (thanks for sponsoring my green juice habit!). A concept I love–try drinking a green juice a day for 3 days and see how you feel. Pair that with 30-60 minutes of physical activity, swap out your sugary, sweet treat for a refreshing green juice and watch your body change. 1 pound of green veggies in every bottle of many of their green juices: Sweet Greens and Lemon, Smooth Greens, Essential Greens with Lime, and Organic Sweet Greens and Ginger. Seriously. 

So I have an Evolution Fresh story. I started drinking their juice when I discovered their sweet greens at the grocery store in La Jolla. I enjoyed my first Evo Fresh on the beach. Love at first sip. The moment I saw Evolution Fresh come to a Texas Whole Foods, I was thrilled. And then the best part came…Starbucks. The funny part was my husband and I were telling the baristas what Evolution Fresh is, what cold pressed means and why they high pressure process their produce and what that means. You can learn all about high pressure processing here. I could now drink fresh cold pressed juice on the go at pretty much any location. Whether I’m really thirsty and need their pineapple coconut water (so good) or need a little nutritional or energy boost, I’ll go with super greens or sweet greens. 

Evolution Fresh juice is almost all non-GMO (their protein juice isn’t), 82% of the produce is grown within 400 miles of their juicery and founder Jimmy Rosenberg is committed to high quality, accessible fruit and vegetable juice–both organic and not.

Another favorite?


We got a little Instagram love from Evolution Fresh when my husband made us Ruby Roots “Moscow Mules”. The color was a gorgeous bright pink and the flavor was incredible.

And a juice I can’t wait to try?Coconut_Water_Greens_Large_1

Looks pretty perfect!

#3daystogreen wasn’t much of a challenge for me, since I drink green juice almost everyday (I have some local favorites too), but I challenge everyone else to do the same. You don’t need to go on a juice cleanse to feel benefits (but you could also try Juice Plus+ which is an easy way to get all your fruits and vegetables in!). I do both. I love when eating healthy is easy.

If you want to participate in #3daystogreen, head here for more details.

The kind people over at Evolution Fresh have donated a $40 Evolution Fresh gift card that you can redeem at your local Starbucks + a coupon for a free Evolution Fresh juice that you can use at Whole Foods and other retailers where they are sold for one lucky reader.

How to enter?

1. ‘Like’ That Foodie Girl on Facebook here.

2. Comment with your favorite Evolution Fresh juice. If you’ve never tried it, let me know which one you’d like to try!

Winner will be announced on Friday! Good luck! #greenjuicenowchampagnelater

{disclosure: Evolution Fresh sent me free product in exchange for an honest review}

Public School 214

Oh, hey there winter!
IMG_7987Dallas has a funny way of throwing in some major winter weather either late Feb or early March. Every year. This time our winter extravaganza came in the form of lots of ice and sleet. The worst! Or the best…for those kids who have gotten not one, but two days off school. Either way, I’m tired of being trapped at home, sick of my Ugg boots and ready for spring weather. But not so fast! We have snow coming our way tomorrow AND Friday. Dallas or Alaska? You tell me. (sorry northerners…we live in Texas for a reason)

Anywayyy let’s talk about this new awesome California-bred restaurant that made its way to the West Village in Dallas. 

Public School 214

Where: West Village, Dallas

What: locally sourced American comfort

Here in Dallas, we have so many restaurant openings every week, you become somewhat jaded by it all. Or at least I have. And we’re spoiled over here as a result! That being said, I didn’t really have high hopes for Public School 214. I didn’t have many expectations, but one thing I did expect was that it’d be just like every other Dallas “American” restaurant–fried, cheesy, over indulgent, blah blah run-of-the-mill food. Not so at Public School 214!

IMG_7976We went for brunch on a Sunday. Ok, so the husband was really hungry, so I guess you would consider the above pretty indulgent. Their version of mac n cheese with chorizo, sprinkled with salt and vinegar chips…with KALE. They seriously knocked it out of the park with this one. It’s indulgent, rich, AND it has a touch of nutritional value, but it also doesn’t leave you feeling overly full and gross like most Dallas brunches do. Balance. Just let me think it is… also, you could tell the ingredients were top notch. Try this dish.


He had the “beermosa” which was supposedly “like a mimosa, but with beer, so a little less sweet”. Not so. He had to return this drink and exchange it out for a Bloody Mary because it was overly sweet. Now we know! I had a coffee because it was time to take a break after drinks at Henry’s Majestic the night before. (<– we also ordered their salted caramel crumble dessert and holy moly it’s my new favorite in the entire city of Dallas.)

IMG_7977I had the vegetable and poached egg hash–it was the right idea, but I’m pretty sure they forgot one important ingredient: salt. It was pretty flavorless. What a bummer! Next time I’ll be a little smarter and order the eggs benedict pizza.

IMG_7978He had the bangers and mash. SO flavorful and delicious. Chicken sausage AND they snuck some veggies into the mash. I love these people!

We can’t wait to get back over there for dinner. The menu is amazing–the ambiance is lively and fun. Love all the “school” theme decor and menus. This would be a great spot to go out with friends! 

image1After brunch, we couldn’t avoid making a stop at Bisous Bisous. It’s a dangerous obsession, and unfortunately my husband shares the obsession with me. These are our favorite macarons in Dallas. Hands. down. And they just opened a storefront in West Village!

I hope everyone is surviving the cold and not going too stir crazy! Stay tuned this week for a fun giveaway.

Friday Faves

This week has been super productive, it’s past 5pm on a Friday and it’s almost time to crack open a bottle of champagne. This week calls for bubbly!

I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with my “Friday Favorites”– a great way to share things with you from my week and give you an idea or two on meals for the following week. In addition, Dallas has had some exciting new restaurants opening up (practically everyday) so I’ve got a nice list going and can’t wait to share those with you too. 

Finally, since a new HUGE part of my life is owning and operating StudioHop (with the help of some awesome team members!), I thought it’d be fun to share the studios I’ve been hoppin’ around each week and the workouts I’ve been enjoying.

Past week-ish went like this:

Saturday: my first “PiYo” class at Grit Fitness. LOVE.

Monday: spin class at Burn Cardio. Fun + sweaty.

Tuesday: brisk walk with the pup (I’m serious about variety!)

Wednesday: spin class at The Ride House. Opening week for this studio. Amaaaaaazing.

Friday: cardio/barre/strengthening class at The Barre Code. holy moly. shake. it. off.

What have you been doing to get your fitness on? Curious about StudioHop? You know you are! Click here.

Friday Faves….


{Annabelle Woof. and the fact this got re-grammed from Live Sodas Insta account}


{delicious green smoothie with hemp/flax granola on top. easy. healthy. tasty}


{actually cooking this week. made a HUGE batch of this “one pan Mexican quinoa”. added ground turkey. so. good}


{coconut milk lattes at Starbucks. it’s the little things!}


{began my #3daystogreen compliments of Evolution Fresh}

IMG_7943 copy

{homemade breakfast tacos}

Weekend plans include a relaxing evening in with the husband complete with a home cooked meal and bubbly, speaking at a journalism conference in Ft. Worth, dinner and drinks with friends, church and Book of Mormon! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday Favorites

Seeing as my last post was “2014 in review”, I feel like a “January in review” would be appropriate, but I will spare you. It was a busy month to say the least, it makes me realize I wasn’t actually “busy” last year when I said I was…this is a new kind of busy. Running 2 businesses (launched StudioHop here in Dallas, now shifting focus to the Austin launch–heyooo!) is tough when you try to balance it with family time (and I mean my husband and pup), eating right, exercising and actually leaving a few minutes open to be social and see my friends. Blah blah blah, we all get it. Let’s get onto the fun stuff. “Friday Favorites”! In no particular order.

IMG_7730 2

{cruising with the pup, windows down in the 75 degree weather in January}


{frozen berries for dessert. strange but delicious new obsession}


{this girl. and serving at New Friends New Life this week}


{a fun package from Evolution Fresh. stay tuned for a fun giveaway! #3daystogreen}


{working al fresco alongside my fellow entrepreneur + our puppies}


{the growing waitlist. this might be my absolute favorite of all}

IMG_7680 {moscuw mules. every time.}