Care for a snowcone in a Chinese takeout box?

Happy Monday everyone!

Everyone knows Mondays can be sort of boring and drab, so I thought I’d give you a little bit of food-viewing pleasure this morning.

Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls

What: snow cones

Where: West Village, NY

My interest was immediately piqued when I saw the bright colors and big comfy pillows that lined the window seats around the little snow cone joint. Then, I saw people leaving the store eating snow cones out of Chinese takeout boxes! A cool, innovative way to alter the classic snow cone is probably what has customers coming back for more.

I’ve seen snow cone trucks and snow cone stands, but never a store. It was a cool concept–I just hope they can survive in the crazy competitive food market of NYC. I ordered mine with tangerine and granny smith apple. It was pretty good, but a little too sweet to handle. Naturally, I had to compare this place with my favorite snow cone place, Sno Beach in Austin. At Sno Beach, they have the “snow” concept down pat. It literally tastes like you’ve scooped up a handful of the ideal powdery snow and topped it with the perfect combination of sweet and sour (or whatever flavor you so desire). At Imperial Woodpecker (weird name, I know), there was too much sugar and I occasionally bit down on a chunk of ice. It wasn’t perfect, but it was satisfying and was a tasty way to cool down on that particularly warm New York summer day.

As far as the photo at the top of this blog–this is my dad’s photo. He ordered the coconut cream and really seemed to enjoy it.

So, stay cool this week, and try to find a local snow cone place! Has anyone found one in Dallas?

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