b.b.bop: a fresh spot for stir fry


What: rice bowls

Where: Dallas

A little skeptical of the strange name, I saw the 50% off deal on my Scout Mob app, and had to give it a try. The name B.b.bop stands for Bi Bim Bap, the Korean version of fried rice. Makes sense now.

The restaurant itself is very tiny, but the inside is clean and casual, with booths and plastic tables. Many dine in for a quick lunch, and other choose to get take out. Either way, the service is fast.

Their menu is very simple. First, you choose your rice (jasmine, brown, house rice or fried), then you choose your protein (beef, pork, chicken, meatball, tofu, veggie) and finally, your veggies. They have a bar with all fresh veggies, and you can choose to have a fried egg on top of your rice bowl or not. If you’re not feeling creative, you can choose from one of their pre-selected bowls on their menu. Once your bowl is ready (it’s really quick), you go over to their sauce bar and choose a sauce, or choose to put multiple sauces. For mine, I chose the teriyaki.

I went to B.b.bop in search of a healthy lunch. My rice bowl consisted of jasmine rice and veggies, topped with their teriyaki sauce. It was a large portion, but completely guilt-free. Some of you may have been wondering what in the world B.b.bop is, and now you know. So if you’re searching for a delicious and nutritious Asian-fusion meal, look no further. Oh, and be sure to download Scout Mob on your phone and show it to them for 50% of your purchase. That means a less than $4 meal.

Bon app├ętit,



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