Sharing the wellness: throw a veggie party!

This past Friday, my lovely mother came to visit me from Austin. We had been planning on throwing a wellness party/presentation for a long time, and we finally found a good weekend to do it. A big group of about 15 friends of mine came over to my apartment, snacked on veggies and pizza, and enjoyed some wine and beer.

As a distributor of Juice Plus (my mom is a Juice Plus Qualified National Marketing Director), I wanted my friends to learn a little bit about why it’s so important to take Juice Plus and be healthy. We put on a short video of different athletes highlighting why JP is much better than any multivitamin out there (JP is a whole food supplement) and how JP is the most researched nutritional product out there. So let’s get healthy!

My whole philosophy is balance. If you want to eat a brownie, be sure to have an apple after. Orrr…something like that. Basically, eat and drink what you want, but be sure to balance it out with exercise and plenty of fruits and veggies.

For our wellness party, we didn’t want to focus too much on the facts and research on Juice Plus, but a bit more on how eating healthy doesn’t have to be painful. And you can drink wine and beer! (see our own little wine bar)

The veggie display was put together after being inspired by seeing a photo on Pinterest (of course). For flowers, I bought hydrangeas and 2 pink roses and cut them down to make a unique display:

Made a few other simple, fall inspired vases. Placed candles everywhere to give it a cozy feel.

And to put the fun back into parties, we put together party favors! Don’t you remember the good old days? Fully stocked with chocolate almonds, Juice Plus chewables and a little postcard with some info about JP.

Successful party thanks to my mom and to my wonderful friends! Also, if you’d like more info on Juice Plus or would like to give it a try, just email me at or check out my website. (

Bon app├ętit,


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