An Academy Awards homemade dinner

Happy Oscars night everyone! I’m sure you’re all busy watching, but I wanted to share my dinner I made with you all. It’s very simple and thrown together, but why not share!

I started off with a very simple salad consisting of fresh spinach, chopped braeburn apple & crumbled feta topped with my favorite Cindy’s balsamic dressing.

The bulk of the meal was spaghetti with marinara, sautéed broccoli & spinach feta chicken sausage. It was a delicious combo and I definitely couldn’t finish that huge bowl.

Star of the show?

This organic Malbec. It’s so smooth I’m finding myself drinking it like water..uh oh!

Who is everyone rooting for tonight? I loved The Help so much and hope they get lots of Oscars. So far Hugo is doing pretty well…thoughts?

Bon appétit,


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