Tate’s: mouth watering cocktails and good apps


What: cocktails, full bar, appetizers

Where: Uptown Dallas

This crappy iPhone photo doesn’t do the BlackBird Julep justice. Loaded with berries and (yes there’s some alcohol in there) Chambord, Smirnoff citrus, lemon, simple syrup, this cocktail is one of my favorite fruity drinks in Dallas (#1 goes to Bubbles & Berries at Ocean Prime). It’s one of those drinks that tastes so good you don’t even realize you’re drinking alcohol…which can quickly become a problem. Coming in at $10, it’s sort of small for the price, but a decent price for such a pretty drink–a strong one at that.

Tate’s is fairly new to McKinney Avenue, but fits right in with its open air patio in the front. Although it’s kind of loud due to the trolleys and traffic, it’s got a good city vibe to it and the cocktails will make you forget the noise.

I was really impressed with this “bar food”. They included lots of Dallas area appetizer favorites–hummus and bruschetta being the ones we ordered. The original hummus on the right was the best. The one on the left was kind of watery. We stuck to the original. The pita bread was good, and it was nice to get some vegetables in…at a bar!

Next up we had their tomato bruschetta. Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary here, but the simplicity worked in Tate’s favor.

If you haven’t made it over to Tate’s yet, I’d say give it a try. Go with a cocktail. It’s what they do best.

Bon Appétit,

That Foodie Girl


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