An easy healthy lunch

tomato basil pattie

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

As you can see, I finally have some time to do some more blogging and cooking at home! I am done with my internship and I’m in my last week of classes of college. I’ve signed my new apartment lease and I also have the beginnings of a job set out for me. More exciting news on that to come…

For lunch yesterday I wanted a colorful and balanced meal. Isn’t that spinach gorgeous? Am I the only one that gets excited about fresh produce? Under the pile of spinach is a tomato basil Morning Star patty (soy product) and a whole grain English muffin with hummus on one side. Side of baby carrots. It was a perfect lunch that only clocked in at about 300-325 calories, not to mention a serving of veggies, protein and grains. It kept me full and was a good meal for after my workout.

It’s a sunny morning here in Dallas and I’m about to use my MapMyRUN app for the first time, not to mention go for my first actual run post foot surgery. We will see how this goes. Has anyone else used this app?

Bon App├ętit,

That Foodie Girl

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