Prime Bar Dallas: snooze.

Prime Bar

What: bar, american

Where: uptown Dallas

Someone hand me a pillow. It’s just your average uptown Dallas restaurant.

Where do I even begin with my thoughts on this self-proclaimed “modern day ale house”? First off, the description of this restaurant is a bit presumptuous. It’s just a restaurant with a nice bar and a patio. The inside of the establishment is pretty, but we sat outside and encountered a different kind of decor. Just think of an uptown club and then put it outside on a patio during daylight for dinnertime.

The menu was enticing and had some options you don’t normally find on every other uptown restaurant and bar. I ordered the vegetarian hummus wrap. Roasted red pepper hummus, avocado, spinach, onion, carrot, zucchini, goat cheese, balsamic glaze and lavosh, or so says the menu. If you look at the photo above, it was a whole lot of hummus with a tiny bit of the other ingredients, but I don’t recall any zucchini. The dish was fresh and colorful, I’ll give them that. Otherwise, it was a mouthful of hummus (which some people may enjoy), and it was heavy on the balsamic. I could only take a few bites as the acidity was too much to handle. The fries were good.

This was the best part of the meal. Their spinach and pepper jack queso with tortilla chips. It was a lot lighter than most quesos and spinach dips, and the flavor was spot on. It was a bit soupy for dipping, but we managed.

How beautiful is that? Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. This is their seared tuna tacos with wasabi cream and citrus cabbage slaw with a side of rice, beans and mango salsa. Pretty presentation, but I couldn’t tell you about the taste since I didn’t actually try them.

We ordered a side of their stir fry veggies, which come out a bit spicy with a Kung Pao-like sauce. They were cooked nicely and served as a great complement to all the chips I ate instead of my hummus wrap meal.

The service was unprofessional but wasn’t too unbearably slow.  Save your palate for the plethora of great restaurants right around the corner. There’s nothing that special about this place as far as I can tell.The menu boasts a wide variety of options, but if I do go back, I’ll be back for a cocktail and an appetizer.

Bon Appetit,

That Foodie Girl

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