Roly Poly breakfast wraps

Roly Poly

What: “rolled” sandwiches (wraps)

Where: Dallas, near SMU

It’s too bad I’m just finding out that Roly Poly has a delicious breakfast option, right after I graduated from SMU. Good thing I’ll be sticking around! Meet the breakfast wrap. More commonly accepted as the breakfast taco (if you’re from Texas) or breakfast burrito (if you’re from anywhere else), Roly Poly has a wide range of breakfast options even for vegetarians too.

I got a half of their veggie scramble wrap. Inside the wrap is scrambled eggs, tomato, spinach, a bit of Jack cheese, bell pepper and onion. It was so tasty and the wrap was a little toasted from the grill.

If you’re around SMU or just in Dallas, hurry on over to Roly Poly for a healthy and filling breakfast.

What do you call it? Breakfast taco? Breakfast burrito?

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