My Dallas Restaurant Wish List

I’ve reached a point in my food blogging world where I need to go experience a new restaurant in order to provide new content for you all! This never happens to me seeing as I’m constantly trying out new eateries around here. Unfortunately, school work and my A&E duties for the newspaper have taken over me lately. Enough excuses. I’m going to share something I usually like to keep secret: my restaurant wish list. This means places I’ve been dying to try, and for some reason have never gotten around to trying them.

(These are in no particular order, and will be reviewed as we go along. Stay tuned 😉 )

1. Smoke

What: BBQ & other upscale bites

Why: I’ve been dying to try their weekend brunch. Think blueberry ricotta pancakes. YUM.

2. Bolsa

What: organic, funky Mediterranean

Why: I’ve only heard good things. Oh, and award winning, epic mixologists. Mmm..

3. [Rohst]

What: fresh, Asian inspired/ Korean

Why: looks like a fun atmosphere, and I love Asian food. New kid on the Greenville block.

4. Alma

What: Mexican

Why: the building looks awesome & I always appreciate good, true Mexican food.

5. Company Cafe

What: natural, organic American/ a little bit of everything

Why: it’s all natural and for the most part, local. Does that photo not make your mouth water?

6. Oddfellows

What: fun, experimental, & comfort food all in one

Why: How cute is the front of the restaurant! I’m always impressed by little Arts District eateries like this, so I have high expectations.

7. Rise

What: soufflé

Why: it’s devoted to soufflĂ©s. It’s gotta be good.

Have you all tried these places? Comments? Other places you think should be added to my list?

Bon appétit,