balsamic roasted tofu quinoa salad

DSC02089Good evening, foodies!

Today has been insane. Working, wedding planning meeting, more wedding planning, yoga, packing, cleaning, working…and fitting in a delicious lunch in there too of course.

This lunch was created in my mind while I was in a yoga class. Yes, I know you’re supposed to clear your mind and just focus on your practice, but when your stomach is growling and its 12:30pm,  it’s hard not to think about what I’m going to eat.

DSC02092I was about to go grab something to-go, but it turns out I did have food in my fridge.

Into my salad went:


balsamic roasted tofu (finished off in a sauce pan to make it crispier)




red bell pepper

honey roasted peanuts

Topped with oil + vinegar. Didn’t need anything else! Perfect crunch and combination of flavors! I encourage you to try mixing up your salad routine…sometimes salads sound so blah, but they don’t have to!

And as for a recap on #tfbridalplan, things are going really well! I haven’t eaten any refined sugar (just a piece of dark chocolate here and there), and I’ve been loading up on the fruits and vegetables! This week I did my hard run on Monday, and then 1 hour vinyasa yoga Tuesday, Wednesday and today.

And now I’m off to my Bachelorette weekend!

Bon appétit,

That Foodie Girl

What I ate Wednesday: fruits & veggies central

Hi everyone! Happy What I Ate Wednesday. I am so proud of myself for finally remembering this week to link up to this fun weekly foodie party.

I know it’s already 7pm here in Dallas, but better late than never, right?

Here’s a little sampling of things I’ve been eating this week:


homemade banana waffles with a dollop of peanut butter & maple syrup drizzle.
(An odd-sounding combo, but tasted delicious)

Lunch (feast):

My go-to salad these days has been tons of spinach, carrots, bell pepper, apple & a tiny bit of goat cheese. YUM. On the side I had my favorite Out to Lunch hummus and some amazing vegan artisan crackers from Central Market. And for dessert you can see these beauties:

Who doesn’t love berries? I find that if I keep them in a bowl in my fridge, they only last a few days if that.

And finally, a newfound love for my green drink:

That was actually my dinner the other night before I passed out post-Nyquil at 8pm. I’m getting better so that’s good!

Green Drink:
1 banana
1 handful or 2 of fresh spinach
1 cup frozen mango
1 scoop of protein powder of your choice

So refreshing and does a body good!

Hope you’ve all had a great week so far!