Fall time grocery haul

Topping my list of things I’m most excited about for fall would be honeycrisp apples. And I know I’m a food blogging cliché, but I’m ok with that. Honeycrisp apples dipped in almond butter. Nowwww we’re talking. As you can see, my neighborhood is looking pretty green and the temperatures are in the high 90’s. Hard to feel like fall when that’s the case! Soon enough.

Another great part about fall is the pumpkins! Especially cute mini ones! I had never seen a white mini pumpkin, so you bet I spent too much on these at Whole Foods, but they make me happy.

It was time to get stocked up on the essentials at Whole Foods. And since it was a lazy Sunday, I enjoyed strolling each aisle and deciding to try some new things. I took a long time finding a cereal with low sugar and high fiber. These wheat squares have 0 sugar, and this morning I paired it with almond milk, sliced bananas and strawberries. It needed a little sweetening.

One of my other “new” items was this Elmo soup. Laugh it up, go ahead. But there’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of alphabet soup on a cool day. I’m waiting for that cool day to comfort myself but I seriously looked everywhere for alphabet soup. (I am 2 years old). It was on the bottom shelf. Perfect reach! For a 2 year old.

This combo sounded incredible..and it was. I don’t feel an ounce of bad about myself when I eat a square of dark chocolate. I read about food bloggers trying to fight chocolate cravings, but why not give in? There are worse things!! (like ice cream…that happened on Friday…and Saturday).

This is the most exciting product I picked up yesterday. I was so excited to see that my favorite kombucha (brewed in Austin, Texas!) Buddha’s Brew is now sold at my Whole Foods on Lemmon! I got 2 bottles of honeydew and let me tell you this kombucha is a TREAT.

For all you kombucha skeptics, you could hardly taste the vinegar aspect and you certainly didn’t notice any of those “cultured strands” you may be afraid of. It’s very sweet and tastes divine. My only problem with this particular flavor is that they added organic cane juice. I’d rather just have the kombucha + real fruit juice. But it’s so tasty, I don’t mind too much.

And to catch you up on my training:

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Ran 7 miles in 1:12!!! I was so proud of myself and I definitely felt it in my knees and ankles later that night.

Sunday: Rest Day

Today: I will be running 3 miles…most likely on the treadmill since it’s blazing hot out

Bon Appétit,

That Foodie Girl

WIAW: I’m finally back!

I haven’t been a part of What I Ate Wednesday in several MONTHS, and now I’m finally here, but going along with the “Sensible Snacking” theme, I just have random snacks over the past week to share with you.

First off, thanks Jen for hosting this, as it’s so much fun to make new foodie friends!

First off, I cut up a “personal watermelon” that yielded this giant container FULL of watermelon. It’s a great snack during the summertime–I’m so bad about drinking enough water in a day, so sometimes I’ll catch myself eating watermelon instead of drinking water. Priorities.

The other night I made this baby kale salad marinated in Cindy’s balsamic dressing topped with farmer’s market fresh yellow tomatoes and cracked pepper. I can finally say I like kale salad–because I soaked it for 30 mins in the fridge, it really made all the difference. This salad was so refreshing and there’s nothing better than fresh (and brightly colored) produce.

I got this kombucha at a little flea market near my house in Austin. I can’t remember the name of the company, but they have several flavors of kombucha on tap. That’s right, kombucha on tap. It was new to me, and I loved sampling a bunch. I ended up getting the pineapple super greens mix. You fill yours up in a jar and bring it back for a refill at a lower price. That’s what I call eco friendly!

Going along with the drinks, because it’s so hot here in Texas, sometimes snacks are best when cold and in liquid form. These smoothies are from Whole Foods. Don’t you love the rainbow of smoothies? I had the green smoothie–pineapple & spinach. (are you sensing a trend?)

What are YOU snacking on these days? If you would like to join this foodie party or maybe just check out what everyone is snacking on, head over to www.peasandcrayons.com

Bon Appétit,
That Foodie Girl

Monday Health Inspiration

Monday’s suck. Let’s face it. But, it’s also the start of a new week. For me, I like to think of myself as being healthy and get some exercise in, getting my health back on track after the weekend.

I’m all for health-boosting food products, and I happened to find a few at the Sunflower Market I discovered on Henderson Avenue. Sometimes I reach for the healthiest products on the shelf, even if they scare me a little. They can’t be that bad right?

Well..this one is still up in the air. If you’re brave enough to grab a kombucha off the shelf, much less with little seeds floating in it, then you’ve won the first battle. This is GT Synergy’s raspberry chia kombucha drink. Since I had heard so many great things about chia seeds (high in Omega-3’s and fiber), I wanted a creative way to get my chia seed fill. I love raspberry, I’m a fan of kombucha, so just add some seeds and call it a day, right? Well, not so much. This drink tastes great, but has a very gelatinous texture, and a consistent flow of little seeds in every sip. The texture is a bit freaky, but if you can get over it, then it’s a delicious beverage. I need a little time for it to grow on me…Also, the chia kombuchas pack about 3 times the amount of calories as the usual ones (but only about 150 total calories for the chia ones), and you’ll be able to tell. I still have mine in my fridge right now, and I think it will take a few days to finish off.

I love Organic Girl lettuce. I was thrilled to find this “Supergreens” package of lettuce with spinach, baby greens, red & green swiss chard, tat soi (?) and arugula. So many health benefits to these super greens, you might as well put these in your body rather than just the regular mixed greens you might usually have for salads. The great part is there’s no funky taste, no bitterness, just tastes wholesome and great. Do something good for your body, and pick one of these up!

And finally, a health product I would not recommend. I love KeVita as you probably know, and I decided it was time to try their “Living Green” drink. It’s a kombucha drink as well, but has phytoalgae as well. It has an interesting smell (can’t decide whether I like it or not) and after first sip, you’re left with a algae-like aftertaste. Not that I’ve ever tried algae before…but you get what I mean. It’s too similar to drinking a pond, and it makes me uncomfortable. I’d skip this one.

Have a happy healthy Monday everyone! Hope you’re inspired to try something new. Replace that sugar with an apple!

Featured Foodie Product: KeVita

Alright, alright, calm down. It’s not exactly kombucha. Reaping the same benefits as drinking kombucha (which most people think tastes like vinegar), KeVita is a tastier way to get your probiotics that promote healthy digestion and an overall healthy immune system. As a health conscious young woman, I’m always on the lookout for healthy alternatives that taste great. Sometimes hard to achieve, but KeVita hits the nail on the head.

KeVita is a sparkling probiotic drink that contains tea or water, their own “KeVita cultures” (which are basically kefir-based probiotic strains), blended with plant extracts and organic fruits. Maybe that description doesn’t appeal to you, but wait til you hear about their amazing lineup of flavors:

-strawberry acai
-mango coconut
-original coconut
-lemon ginger
-living greens
-green tea

My favorite is the original coconut–the perfect combo of sweetness and sparkling tea. I love the strawberry acai, but sometimes it’s a little too sweet.

This beverage is refreshing, makes you feel great and truly helps digestion. It puts a spring in your step! Trade your Diet Coke in for a KeVita NOW. Although KeVita is slightly pricey, your body is begging you for it. KeVita can be found at your local health shop or any Whole Foods.

Bon appétit,