margaritas and good company

It’s been one heck of a lazy Sunday over here. Woke up late, lounged on the couch while eating breakfast, studied in bed, napped and snacked. Sometimes you need a day like that!

This past week has been so much fun and full of good company and lots of margaritas and drinks. Because I finished class last Thursday, I’ve had over a week until my final that I will be taking tomorrow morning. Then the family gets in and graduation is on Saturday. I can’t even believe it.

The photo above is of my margarita at the Katy Trail Ice House. My older brother Matt was in town visiting, and I wanted him to experience KTIH for himself. Not such a great experience–the service was slower than ever and the waitress disappeared for an entire hour after we had finished our drinks. My margarita was mediocre, and just a word of advice to all of you who want to try their $11 beeritas— the waitress even said it herself: “It’s not worth it”.

The first thing we did when Matthew flew in from LA was head straight to the Rangers game. I enjoyed a yard long margarita which probably contained 1.5 shots of tequila and a lot of artificial margarita mix. But it was a yard long margarita, and that’s what counts, right?

We both bought new Rangers gear–you can’t really see my shirt but I’m now a proud owner of a Rangers tshirt. It took me a while to get one, for no reason in particular.

The next night we went to Union Bear to have a beer or two. We tried several beers, and I ended up ordering a Sierra Nevada Summerfest. It was tasty and refreshing. I also loved that they had special Union Bear glasses they serve their beer in:

You can sort of see it in this photo, but we just loved sitting outside at the bar. I can’t wait to go back and try the food too.

The latest drinks we had were the margaritas at Mi Cocina with Ryan on Cinco de Mayo. I jumped at the chance to celebrate with a margarita. After snapping this photo, we both found tortilla chips in our drinks…and we weren’t eating chips. That was a bit terrifying, so we got new drinks.

Graduation is nearing and we’re ready to celebrate after our last finals tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Bon Appetit,

That Foodie Girl

Newest Mexican restaurant in Dallas: Mr. Mesero

Mr. Mesero

What: Mexican

Where: Uptown Dallas

Yes, my last post was an announcement of Mr. Mesero’s arrival on McKinney Avenue. But today I got the pleasure of actually tasting the food. It’s owned by restaurateur Mico Rodriguez (Mi Cocina, Mia’s, etc.) and it’s some delicious authentic Mexican food.

Whether you’re a Mi Cocina fan or not, this place rocks. The inside is clean, sleek and brightly lit, with friendly staff to go with it. The lunch hour was almost full, and it made for a great spot for conversation and great food.

Not only was the service fast, but the portions were perfect. Usually a Mexican lunch is overbearing because of it’s large and in charge sizes. Not here. It’s the perfect amount.

I had the grilled veggie tacos with a side of rice. The rice had little bits of carrots, and it was perfectly cooked (I love rice, can you tell?) On the side was their fresh slaw–cabbage, carrots and a few other veggies with a delicious dressing. I put the slaw in my tacos and it was a great combo with the warm veggies.

Not-so-authentic Mexican for our starter, we had their queso with spinach and artichoke. Let’s call it the Mexican version of spinach artichoke dip. It was really yummy with their large round fresh tortilla chips.

Another starter was the tapatias. Mini tacos with shredded brisket (?) and a little cheese and sour cream. They weren’t my cup of tea, but everyone else loved them.

Ryan had the enchiladas mexicanas–one with shredded beef with red sauce, the other with chicken and tomatillo sauce. Yum, yum, yum. Perfect amount, fresh and just perfection.

…and they convinced us to order dessert. Not sure what this one is, but it was moist and could almost be a chocolate tres leches cake, if that’s possible. Their desserts come from La Duni, so basically, they’re really good.

As if I couldn’t rave enough about this new Mexican (with a side of American) eatery, I went with my boyfriend and his mother who are both Mexican and even they were raving about the place and couldn’t believe the authenticity. It’s actually Mexican, people. But if you’re afraid of non-TexMex, they have some more “gringo friendly” options.

I also got the pleasure of meeting owner Mr. Rodriguez, and his presence at the restaurant was very inviting. The fact that he was there greeting guests and even back in the kitchen says a lot. Just go try it.

Bon appétit,


Foodie News: Mr. Mesero opens on McKinney Ave

(photo taken from the Dallas Observer)

Mr. Mesero

What: Mexican

Where: Uptown Dallas

Alright, maybe it’s not hot-off-the-press news, and maybe it’s been opened for 2 weeks. But who would have known?

Mr. Mesero is located on McKinney Avenue in the building Burger Girl used to be. Owned by Mr. Mico Rodriguez (of Mi Cocina fame), Mr. Mesero offers classic Mexican food with a hint of American food.

A great spot for lunch or dinner, I like what I see from the photos, and the food is supposed to be delicious.

Oh, and, the menu is really simple with very reasonable prices.

(full review coming soon!)

Bon appétit,


Mambo Taxis at Mi Cocina mean party time

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, but tonight it’s time to really celebrate. With the classic Mambo Taxi at Mi Cocina! It’s a frozen margarita with sangria goodness swirled in. They’re kind of dangerous–so maybe just a few.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Get excited for my last NYC posts for next week–and some exciting chef interviews I have coming up!

And if you were wondering what to give me for my birthday, just like That Foodie Girl on Facebook! Thanks everyone!

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