Pho is for Lovers

Pho is for Lovers

What: Vietnamese

Where: Dallas

Located on Lovers Lane (fitting), Pho is for Lovers opened shop fairly recently and already seems to be bustling with in-the-know Dallasites. Now, some of you may be wondering what the heck is pho? Pho (pronounced [fuh]) is a traditional Vietnamese soup dish with rice noodles, chicken or beef (or anything else really), and green onions, basil, lime and bean sprouts.

After hearing only great things about this little pho shop on Lovers and Greenville Ave, I had to pop in and give it a try. I brought along my lover (because my boyfriend and I both appreciate delicious food) and we were greeted by a small and quaint restaurant with one menu board that offered only a handful of items. A simple menu that is easy to read, you have your choice of chicken or beef pho, different types of banh mi (their version of a sandwich made with baguettes), some noodle options and a few appetizers. The simplicity of the menu is like a sigh of relief, and the cleanliness of the place is comforting.

We both stuck with what we knew would be good, the chicken pho. The broth was delicious, the chicken just melted in your mouth and their were enough noodles to feed two. They brought out the garnishes that you can dress your soup with to hearts content: basil, lime, jalapeños, and bean sprouts. Mmmmmm.

The service was nice and fast, a perfect spot for a lunch break. You can even get pho to go. Now, where else in Dallas can you do that?

And finally, Vietnamese cuisine is super healthy, low-fat and satisfying to boot. This little pho eatery is run by a Vietnamese family (so you know it’s authentic) and the ingredients are only of the highest quality. You can tell.

If you’ve never tried Vietnamese food, this is your chance. Especially you SMU kids. It’s right around the block. Enjoy!

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