Flourless Chocolate Protein Muffins

Good morning, friends!

This week has been a weird one–and I haven’t been full of motivation like I usually am. So here I am in the 8:00am hour ready to start blogging and then take my little Annabelle on a walk! So to perk things up this morning for both you and me, here’s my favorite quote: “the best is yet to come”.


Does anyone else ever get the extreme itch to travel? Wanderlust as they call it? Well, that’s me right now. My husband and I were contemplating a weekend getaway, but the logistics kind of get in the way, so instead we booked our anniversary trip in June! That certainly made me excited and I can’t wait for that! (details on that later)

So, I’ve actually stuck to my “one new recipe per week” so far this year! Although some weeks I have done more elaborate recipes, I can’t be too hard on myself when all I can muster are some flourless chocolate chip protein muffins…but ohhh man. You’ve got to try these. I subbed chocolate protein powder for my second batch this week (that good) to give these some extra staying power. The best part is they have no flour, sugar, nothing bad. All the good stuff, and they’re not some crazy health nut recipe that your man won’t touch. These babies have been approved by everyone. Do yourself a favor and make a batch.

Because this post is already all over the place, we’ll keep going with that theme. Our new puppy Annabelle turns 3 months today and she has been so much fun! My friend Stevie and I took our puppies (both same age) to SMU to run around and they have such a blast chasing each other and running around.

annabelle playingAnd after all that activity, Annabelle crashes hard.

annabelle sleepyI can’t handle that photo. That tongue!!

zizikisLast random thought this morning– has anyone ever been to Ziziki’s for brunch on Sunday? It’s amazing. I think it was about $20/person for their buffet which included their Ziziki’s cheese bread, coffee and bottomless mimosas. The actual buffet itself was awesome–high quality and plenty of options with actual fruit and vegetables involved! Too often brunch in Dallas is mostly yellowish orange colored: mimosas + eggs. My husband, a non-egg eater was happy there were lots of other options for him. Yeah, I know. No eggs for him while I could eat them for every meal! Maybe one day he’ll convert :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! The weekend is just around the corner!

Bon appétit,

That Foodie Girl

What I ate Wednesday: fruits & veggies central

Hi everyone! Happy What I Ate Wednesday. I am so proud of myself for finally remembering this week to link up to this fun weekly foodie party.

I know it’s already 7pm here in Dallas, but better late than never, right?

Here’s a little sampling of things I’ve been eating this week:


homemade banana waffles with a dollop of peanut butter & maple syrup drizzle.
(An odd-sounding combo, but tasted delicious)

Lunch (feast):

My go-to salad these days has been tons of spinach, carrots, bell pepper, apple & a tiny bit of goat cheese. YUM. On the side I had my favorite Out to Lunch hummus and some amazing vegan artisan crackers from Central Market. And for dessert you can see these beauties:

Who doesn’t love berries? I find that if I keep them in a bowl in my fridge, they only last a few days if that.

And finally, a newfound love for my green drink:

That was actually my dinner the other night before I passed out post-Nyquil at 8pm. I’m getting better so that’s good!

Green Drink:
1 banana
1 handful or 2 of fresh spinach
1 cup frozen mango
1 scoop of protein powder of your choice

So refreshing and does a body good!

Hope you’ve all had a great week so far!

Skinny margs, PB toast and cute puppies.

Happy Friday foodies!

It’s currently 12:07pm and I’m trying to wake myself up. Pitiful. I slept for 12 hours last night, but in my defense I woke up quite a few times with horrible pains in my foot that got operated on 36 days ago.

Because of my frustrations of having to be in this stupid thing for 7 more weeks (YES SEVEN),

I decided today is a good day to look at the bright side of things. One, I used my nice camera for a few photos on this post (the one above being one of them), but as you can probably tell, I could only shoot from one spot. Ok, on to the silver lining.

Friday Favorites


1. A night out to reunite with my roommates at Mr. Mesero. And “Size 2” skinny margaritas.

2. My breakfast yesterday of peanut butter “seeduction bread” and blueberries on the side. and the gorgeous natural light that came with it.

3. My experimental smoothie I made this morning. Fresh strawberries, banana, coconut milk, a dash of OJ, ice and Juice Plus Complete. (the best plant-based protein powder out there)

4. Spending time with the love of my life

5. Missing our sweet Molly, but smiling every time I see this photo

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with awesome food, good company and lots of rest.

Bon appétit,