V Spot: a vegan spot (get your mind out of the gutter)

V Spot Cafe

Happy Meatless Monday everyone!

This weekend I got the chance to try V Spot Cafe for lunch.

V Spot Cafe

What: vegan upscale

Where: Knox/Henderson

You walk into V Spot and you’re greeted by a juice and smoothie bar. Walk further in and you find a cozy 8-10 table nook where vegans and non-vegans come to treat their bodies right.

We were seated immediately and were handed waters right then. After that, my famished stomach had to wait about 20 minutes until the waitress came back to take our order.

We started off with the portabella mushroom fries (after we waited a good 20+ minutes more). Our stomachs took over and we continued to wolf down the little battered and fried pieces of portabella mushrooms and dunked them in their delicious sauces: jalapeño ketchup & spicy cajun aioli. They were so good, they actually made up for the really long wait. Oh, and I didn’t get time to snap a photo because I was that hungry.

I had the wild mushroom risotto with roasted butternut squash and white truffle oil and thyme. I found the risotto to be quite bland, so I asked for more of the spicy cajun aioli to mix in which proved to be a great concept. It was a hearty lunch, but it was missing that creamy element which is definitely hard to achieve in a vegan setting.

My mom was really bold and ordered their raw coconut kale enchiladas. These were the real winners of the entire meal. Marinated kale wrapped in coconut tortillas (who knew!?) with “nacho cheese”, “sour cream”and pico de gallo. The cheese was some sort of cashew sauce I’m guessing, and the sour cream was just a non-dairy substitute. These enchiladas were mouth watering good, the guacamole fresh and the sauces on top would be worthy of their own dish.

This meal kept us satisfied for 7 hours+. We found ourselves not even hungry for dinner, it was that satisfying.

Whether you’re a vegan on the search for more restaurants or you just like good food (and you enjoy treating your body well), I’d stop by V Spot on Henderson if I were you.
Bon appétit,