Austin, Texas: Abel’s by the Lake, waffle shots, Maudie’s and Rudy’s BBQ

Sunday evenings. One of my favorite times of the week. A time to relax, be productive, eat good food, catch up on tv shows and be with your loved ones.

Tonight I’m blogging from my house in Austin, where I’ve spent the weekend eating lots of great food, being with friends, hanging by the pool, bar hopping on 6th street, snuggling with my pups and getting in some quality time with my parents. I feel lucky to get to come home here to Lake Austin and luckier I’m only a 200 mile drive away!

After hitting some of the fun Austin places I knew would be popular amongst the friends from SMU who had never been to Austin before, I realized I’ve never blogged about these places! I eat at the same places in Austin, but have never thought to blog about them since it’s nothing new for me. THAT is something I am going to work on in both Austin and Dallas to bring you more reviews here at That Foodie Girl.

First stop was Rudy’s BBQ.

Let me just say I ate/drank many things I have not consumed in months…time for detox week before Las Vegas this weekend! I had a brisket sandwich.

Morning after 6th street activities was brunch at Abel’s on the Lake.

I had only been for lunch, so the mimosas and egg dishes were a treat to someone who lives for brunch (you’re looking at this girl right here). It was a beautiful morning on the lake, sun was shining and there’s no better spot to brunch than on Lake Austin. I had their veggie frittata:

It came with a bit too much parmesan and was a bit bland for my taste, but it was pretty much the healthiest item on their menu. Speaking of healthy, Ryan had their special for the day, their chicken fried steak (I think so?). Health aside, it was necessary due to the activities that were indulged in the previous evening.

And finally, a super special brunch item that was really pushed by the waitress. Their “waffle shot” that supposedly tastes just like waffles.

That’s a shot of Jameson, chased by a gulp of OJ, then a bite of bacon. In that order only. The verdict? He said it tastes like whiskey paired with OJ and bacon. No waffles involved.

And finally, my family’s favorite, Maudie’s Tex Mex.

I had their chicken fajitas and a skinny margarita. And too many chips and queso. But hey, you only live once right? That’s what I was telling myself this weekend. It’s ok to cheat every now and then.

We rounded the night out with a trip to the movie theater to see Project X. It was horrible. Don’t waste your money. I felt sick afterwards due to the handheld camera work and copious amounts of drugs and alcohol (that was occurring in the movie obviously, haha).

Enjoy the last moments of your weekend!

Bon app├ętit,