first homemade meal in the apartment

Hello everyone!

Today I got the pleasure of preparing and enjoying my first homemade meal inside my new apartment. I had my camera close by and thank goodness, the lighting is great in here right around lunch time! Phew!

Today I had a side salad of spinach + arugula + orange bell pepper with a dollop of Zilk’s balsamic roasted garlic & red onion hummus and a new Cindy’s dressing…

So deliciously versatile that my chicken is currently marinated in it. Updates on that later. The hummus + this dressing was a really odd combo, but I really wanted hummus so it was going to have to do.

Main event was this guy:

So good. I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow. It’s a tomato basil veggie pattie (found in the frozen section of Whole Foods) with Daiya vegan cheese all on grilled Seeduction bread.

If you’ve never had Seeduction bread from Whole Foods, you’re missing out. It’s slightly sweet and goes great with any meal. Mmmm so seeductive.

All enjoyed on my makeshift dining table. (aka a small side “stool”). It worked.

What do you love to have for lunch?

Bon Appétit,

That Foodie Girl

my new favorite hummus brand: Zilks.

Greetings from Austin, Texas. I’ve been home this weekend to take a little breather post graduating from college, getting engaged and something else exciting that I will announce soon.

One of the best parts about being in my family’s home on Lake Austin is the kitchen. It’s big and spacious, full of memories and most importantly, full. of. hummus. (see figure above)

Because my dad played in a golf tournament this weekend, we all were introduced to our new favorite hummus brand. Meet Zilks. They were the main sponsor for the weekend. Formerly known as Out to Lunch (which I didn’t realize when we met one of the partners), I’ve always been a big Out to Lunch hummus fan…until now they’ve rebranded and I assume Zilks bought them out.

Not only does Zilks do hummus (the name is short for Zilker Park–to all my Austinites, you will appreciate that), they also do tzatziki, queso and salsa. They cook their sauces and hummus right out of their kitchen in South Austin, and you can find their products at Whole Foods and Central Market.

My personal favorite out of the above flavors is the balsamic roasted garlic & red onion. Other flavors I can’t wait to try:

  • basil pesto hummus
  • chipotle sundried tomato hummus
  • spinach & artichoke hummus
  • black bean w/ lime hummus
  • tzatziki Greek yogurt

They pride themselves on their wholesome and very few ingredients. Only the freshest and nutritious hummus possible.

So, wipe that drool off your chin and sprint to your local Whole Foods. Now now now!

Bon Appétit,

That Foodie Girl